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Anya Hindmarch


31-05-2011 | In : Fashion, What's the sp?
bag designer Anya Hindmarch

Anya Hindmarch

Every week we’ll be asking some of our favourite people about their favourite destinations. They will be sharing their packing, shopping, eating and culture tips with us.  To kick start us is fabulous bag designer Anya Hindmarch.

Where will you be holidaying this summer?

I am hoping to escape to Mustique with all five children

What are your top 5 must-have’s when packing to go away?

1 Loose Pockets to keep my currency and receipts in – I have one for dollars and one for pounds.

2 My iPad, I feel lost without it now

3 I always pack a Valorie clutch bag for instant sparkle for dinner

4 My Leica camera for those all important holiday snaps

5 Labelled wash bags from my core collection, I have one for everything, first aid, cables and chargers, hair, lotions and potions

What’s the first thing you do when you get to your destination?

I love to take half an hour just to walk around and get my bearings

What will you be reading on your travels?

Why Kindness is Good for You by David R Hamilton PHD

Do you have any holiday beauty secrets you wish to share?

Water, water, water

What’s the one thing you can’t live without on your holiday?

My children

What’s on your playlist this summer?

Mumford and Sons

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Friday feeling


27-05-2011 | In : What's the sp?
The perfect staycation at the Hay Festival


It’s Friday, the working week is done and yet another three-day weekender steams into view.  Sarah, style-passport’s founder wins the best plan award this week.  She’s off to the Hay Festival, where husband Dylan will be co-hosting a party  with Nick Jones (owner of Soho House) in a marquee for the great, celebrated and bookish, all gathered at this yearly shindig for the literati. We’ll bring you news and gossip when she returns. What are your plans?

…here’s some things we were inspired by this week and thought you might be too.

Before I Die – things that matter most to the people around you.

The most organised suitcase we’ve seen.

Cool caravaning

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Bat for Lashes


26-05-2011 | In : Beauty, What's the sp?

So as we wave goodbye to the Obamas, sp can’t help but mull on lashgate. We thought we were being a little out there and provocative bringing you a selection of false eyelashes, but figured hey an Ibiza party night, a moment of Parisian chic etc. Now that we see the first lady strutting her falsies from the tarmac to No.10 and on to Oxford Uni we realise that in fact we are actually incredibly mainstream. Must try harder. To see style-passport’s selection click here.

Michelle Obama in false eyelashes

Michelle Obama www.independent.co.uk

Feather tipped lashes from Star Gazer

Star Gazer's feather tipped false eyelashes


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The Rat Pack


25-05-2011 | In : What's the sp?

At style-passport we believe packing for a holiday should never be stressful and we aim to make your packing choices stylish and simple. Enjoy our tongue-in-cheek take on easy packing. Looking for luggage? Click here to see our latest arrivals.

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sp’s world: Sarah Walter


18-05-2011 | In : sp's World

Sarah WalterWhat do you do? I’m the Founder and MD of style-passport. I have always been connected to fashion and beauty, firstly through working on glossy magazines (Vogue, Bazaar and Marie Claire) and subsequently working for high street retailers River Island and New Look. New Look was really exciting because I brought in high-end designers such as Luella Bartley and Giles Deacon to work on what were essentially affordable clothes. And then I had this kind of eureka moment.

The style-passport idea came to me at about 3 am one morning when we were on holiday over a year ago, and my husband said just go for it. I wanted a one stop on-line shop which sold everything you need for life’s special times…cultural city breaks, relaxing staycations, vibey festivals, unwind beach holidays. I wanted style-passport to sell clothes, bags, accessories and beauty all in one place. It was also important to me that we offered a mix of labels, what I call a ‘high-low’ approach to fashion and beauty. By building an ‘in the know’ team it means we can bring products to the site that don’t have to be expensive to really work and look great.

Where have you just come back from? Baros in the Maldives. You can fly straight into the islands landing on Malé and taking a boat to Baros.

Why does it make your heart sing? No driving, no traffic, no shoes! The beaches are empty. It’s total relaxation. You could snorkel and see turtles, manta rays and a kaleidoscope of unbelievable fish for ten hours a day.

Best food moment? We had a lesson under a beach hut in how to make tuna carpaccio. They spear catch the fish in the Maldives, which is much quicker and less traumatic for the fish. They prepare it really quickly with lots of incredible olive oil a slice of ginger and finely sliced chives.

What did you bring back? Memories of planting baby coral in underwater frames where they are rebuilding the reef. Coral is very temperature sensitive and can only thrive in a moderate range. Baros send email updates with photos so you can see your corals growth progress and the tiny schools of fish attracted to it.

Baros, maldives Baros resort, Maldives

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Well-loved Converse


17-05-2011 | In : What's the sp?

Our Converse delivery has just arrived and we’re pretty darned excited. Our love for them the more worn in they become puts us in mind of their vintage ad Converse Brand New: Sigh! Check it out courtesy of NylonMagazineTV.

Buy your Converse Chuck Taylor Ox Classic here.

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