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Secret Garden Party


24-06-2011 | In : Uncategorized

From bubbles to bubbles: Operations Director Ashleigh Burnside

This weekend our soon-to-be-married Operations Director, Ashleigh Burnside, is heading off on a secret weekend with her girlfriends. Little does she know that we’ve been in secret correspondence with her friends and know exactly what her hen weekend entails…

Later this afternoon, Ashleigh and her friends will be escaping to the Forest of Dean, an ancient surviving woodland  tucked into the western part of the county of Gloucestershire. As thousands flock to the damp Glastonbury fields for rough and ready, rock ‘n’ roll camping, Ashleigh and six of her dearest friends will be embarking on a very different outdoors experience. They will be glamping at the Dome Garden in a luxury geodesic dome set deep within the forest.

Hanging beds

Nightfall in the Forest of Dean

Julie Anne Sloan, buyer at Next and hen party planner says that ‘Ashleigh has mentioned a few times that she’d like to go yurting in the forest so we found the perfect answer. She is not a go-clubbing/get dressed up/be-really-rowdy kind of girl. What we want is to chill, drink champagne and soak up the relaxing atmosphere in preparation for her big day’.

Julie Anne and Emily have been kind enough to pass over a few special pics of our bride-to-be-the-early-years, and give us the weekend plan, and the bring-with list she gave to Ashleigh.

Ashleigh with her lifelong friends

Ashleigh's List

FRIDAY: Everyone arrives at the dome about 3pm (Ashleigh at 4pm) which gives us just enough time to get the balloons up, prepare the fire pits and chill the champagne before Ash arrives. The BBQ will run into the evening whereupon the forest gets dark, so we’ve kitted ourselves out with lanterns and candles.

SATURDAY: After a late breakfast we’re going to take a wander and explore the area a bit. In the afternoon it’s time for face masks, manicures and champagne. Afterwards we’re going to find the local pub to have a few drinks with ‘yeocals’ then it’s pizza back at the dome. There’s a big outdoor brick pizza oven and live music until late at night. Once that’s finished it’ll be time for tales around the campfire; an opportunity for us to take Ashleigh down memory lane.

Ashleigh: the early years.

SUNDAY: Last day of the weekend means a walk through the forest then to another local pub for a big Sunday roast. After that, it’s back to the city.


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