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American Dream


Ashleigh Tennent, formerly Ashleigh Burnside, got married in late July before crossing the pond to spend a month travelling around the States with her new husband, Billy. Together they flew from New York to LA, then hired a car to complete their 1400 mile tour of America. On their travels they passed through Santa Barbara,  Sequioa, Big Sur, Bodie, San Francisco before arriving at their final destination, Las Vegas.

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Summer in the Cities: Arabella Greenhill


Fairytale beaded fringe scarf - AlexiaAlexia beaded fringe scarf, £40.


Bric’s four wheel carry on case, £155.

Arabella Greenhill, senior fashion editor at Marie Claire and stylist for internet fashion and shopping advice hub Stylist Pick is a longstanding friend of style-passport. She has spent much of her glossy magazine working life attending fashion shows in the world’s four most famous fashion cities: New York, Milan, Paris and London. What better person to talk us through the best packs, tricks and places to go in each destination?Beauty Tip for the summer: Bright toenails are an inexpensive and fun way to finish an outfit.Dressing tip: I look out of the window and, depending on the weather, decide what shoes I need and start there.Fashion tip: Don’t leave home without a scarf. The Alexia scarves are both useful and decorative and really dress up a simple outfit.

Styling Tip: Add a bright splash of colour. Layers are ideal for a British summer.

How do you prepare for a trip away? I have a pedicure, an eyelash tint and I always pack a travel steamer – mine is from Morplan.

What’s the first thing do you do when you arrive at your destination?  As soon as I get to my hotel I have to unpack my bags in the first ten minutes – hang my clothes and organize the room. If I don’t it will never happen and I will live out of my suitcase in chaos for the rest of the trip.

Holdall or Wheelie case? I have a black wheelie case that I put in the hold. I put coloured ribbons onto the handle of it so I can recognize it. I also have a Goyard carry on tote bag filled to the brim, with: iPad loaded with movies, Bose Quiet Comfort headphones, cashmere socks, Smythson travel wallet, Tanya Cashmere blanket, bottle of water, Elizabeth Arden 8-hour cream.

Who are your style icons/ones to watch this summer? Sofia Coppola in New York, Clemency Poesy in Paris and Giovanna Battaglia in Milan, my sister Xanthe for London – she’s very cool. 

What key wardrobe items will never date? A black blazer, Breton stripes, jeans, white shirts and ballet pumps.

What’s your advice on wearing the 70s look well? Don’t overdo it by taking it too literally and wearing it head to toe. Keep it modern and effortless – try a blouse, flares and wedges.

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Highland Fling


After a royal wedding, here comes Edinburgh’s next moment in the spotlight as the festival kicks off. We had a chat with The Lifestyle Company Scotland who are an Edinburgh based lifestyle management and concierge service; whether you need dry cleaning picked up, travel arrangements made or require a must have item at the last minute. During the festival they will be putting together bespoke packages for clients heading up for the fun.

Celia Graham, Holly Jones and Lucie Hardie, The Lifestyle Company Scotland

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Wear in the World: Sri Lanka


13-07-2011 | In : Wear in the World

Laila Ram is the director and co-founder of i-escape.com, a website dedicated to finding exciting and unusual places to stay in some of the world’s most beautiful and fascinating locations. Laila is something of an expert when it comes to travelling the atlas, however  it’s Sri Lanka that has stolen her heart.

Best place to eat: The Gallery Café at Paradise Road in Colombo for some fantastic fusion cuisine in a wonderfully tranquil setting, a rarity in this bustling city.

Tea at Galle Fort Hotel

The exterior of Galle Fort Hotel

Best place to drink: Afternoon tea or early evening drink at the Galle Fort Hotel in Colombo watching the sun set over the Indian Ocean.

The Wallawwa

Best place to sleep: The Wallawwa – just 15 minutes from the airport, is the perfect place to crash and recover from jet lag for the first day or two.

Best time of year to visit: All year round really except during the 2 main rainy seasons, which are from April to June and October to November.

Things to avoid: Colombo’s all day rush hour traffic! Getting from the airport to the city should be a 45-minute drive but usually ends up as a 2 or 3-hour journey – the last thing you need after a long international flight!

The camp at Wilpattu

Dolphin Beach

Off the beaten track finds: The North West of Sri Lanka is still pretty undiscovered as it has just opened up to tourism – stay at the boho-chic Bar Reef resort or camp at Dolphin Beach, Sri Lanka’s first tented hotel, and go dolphin and whale watching at Kalapitya (during season from Nov-Feb), or  go leopard spotting on a camping safari in Wilpattu National Park (see Kulu Safaris).

Best outfit or fashion item for destination: I have been packing my Jean Paul Gautier Soleil maxi-dress for the past 5 years as it is so versatile and perfect for any occasion – it can be worn as a beach dress or dressed up to be evening wear and anything in-between!

Laila Ram in Sri Lanka

Beauty tip: Buy citronella balm from any local pharmacy in Sri Lanka, which is a natural mosquito repellant – it is so much more pleasant smelling and just as effective as those horrible chemically toxic ones you get here.

Holiday packing tip: I always pack a few sarongs – which get used as a wrap, dress, towel, shawl, scarf and even blanket for the kids!

What I bought: Hand made paper notebooks made from elephant dung! Beautiful, sustainable and not smelly at all!

Brixton Beach by Roma Tearne

What I read: Brixton Beach by Roma Tearne – a moving story cleverly interweaving the events of the 7/7 bombings in London (2005) and the history of the civil war in Sri Lanka.

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Wear in the World: Zambia


07-07-2011 | In : Wear in the World

Gillie Lightfoot is a designer of textiles, or in her words, ‘of bags and bits and bobs’. She lives in Zambia, is the second largest employer in the north west where she runs Tribal Textiles, a sustainable fairtrade business set on the edge of the South Luangwa National Park. She recently moved to Sugarbush Farm, an organic smallholding on the outskirts of Lusaka. Since her move, she has opened Jackal and Hide, a bustling lifestyle store, the first of its kind in Lusaka. Jackal and Hide houses Gillie’s uniquely designed crafts, jewellery, leather goods as well as some imported furniture.

Jackal and Hide, Lusaka

One of Gillie’s colleagues at work at the Tribal Textiles headquarters

What’s your favourite destination? I am in love with Africa. There are so many beautiful places in this part of the world – from Lamu in Kenya to Kaya Mawa in Malawi. I’ve lived in Zambia, South Africa since 1986. Anyone travelling to the capital, Lusaka, should not leave without spending some time outside the city, especially in the beautiful Luangwa Valley.

The Design House at Jackal and Hide

Where is the best place to eat? The Design House, Jackal and Hide, Leopards Hill Road, Lusaka 00260213841. You can have light organic lunches set in the beautiful gardens on African Farm twenty minutes from the busy city centre of Lusaka. After eating, I recommend a stroll around The Design House to see the wide range of contemporary African interior pieces, original designs and unique leather goods.

African treasures at Jackal and Hide

Where is the best place to drink? Outside, under the African skies in Luangwa Valley at sundown.

Drinking at sundown at Lunagwa Valley

Where is the best place to sleep? Flatdogs Camp, in the Tree House, Luangwa Valley.

Flatdogs Camp

Best time of the year to visit? For the bush experience in the Luangwa Valley, try April to November. Early on in the year you get lush long grass and later on you’ll get the typical African haze and heat that turns into those fabulous thunderstorms.

Zebras in the bush

How long is the perfect trip to Zambia? Three weeks.

Gillie at sundown

Things to avoid? Mosquitoes and Malaria. Ask your doctor for the right prophylactics – they’re not necessary in Lusaka but you’ll need them in the bush. Also, avoid tight shorts, especially in built up public areas. It’s really more respectable to wear looser shorts that sit just over the knee.

Giraffe in the bush

Off the beaten track: Wild animals of the bush; elephants, leopards, giraffes and many more. Time to reflect on your own life!

Gillie’s goddaughter and youngest son, Oscar  in the garden at Luangwa

Holiday packing tip: Take a Kikoy/Kanga/Chitenge length of material with you as a scarf, for baby spills on planes, as a cover-up  and I even use mine as a towel after swimming.

Tribal Textiles

Holiday fashion item: My good old suede boots from Camper. They are sadly no longer manufactured. Also, my straw cowboy hat -I end up wearing that more than anything else.

Army Roll safari shorts by Current/Elliott, hat by Star Mela and lip balm by Carmex

Holiday beauty item: Carmex lip balm.

Holiday read: A New Earth by Eckhardt Tolle.

On holiday I like to listen to: Guitars, crickets and the sound of the lake lapping on the sand.

What I learnt in Zambia: To slow down, reflect and know that there is always something to be happy about.

Picnic with family and friends in Luangwa





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Wear in the World: New York


28-06-2011 | In : Wear in the World

Libby Banks is Editor of MyDaily.co.uk and Style Editor of the Huffington Post. She’s getting married to Jon in July, and for her honeymoon they’re heading to New York before spending some time in the Hamptons and the beaches of New England.

Best outfit or fashion item for destination? A high waisted 50s bikini (Diane Von Furstenberg has some amazing styles), Linda Farrow sunglasses, a silk shirt for the evening (Equipment’s hot pink shirt is incredibly flattering), and a vintage turquoise kaftan that was given to me by my flamboyant grandmother.

Diane Von Furstenberg bikini, Linda Farrow Luxe Sunglasses and silk shirt by Equipment

Beauty tip? Never go out with our some serious SPF on your skin. I’m all about the faux tan (and staving off wrinkles). I love Invisible Zinc – it smells delicious! I also love Miller Harris Terre de Bois. To me it smells of summer.

Invisible Zinc Jet Set Tan and Miller Harris Terre de Bois

What will you listen to? Warpaint, The Fool. I’m also slightly addicted to a compilation of early black rock’n’roll called Roll Your Money Maker.

What will you read? I’m going to take a couple of F Scott Fitzgerald titles to get me in the East Coast mindset. Probably The Beautiful And The Damned. I’ve also just been given a copy of Caitlin Moran’s How To Be A Woman, which I reckon will be essential reading for a newlywed.

How to be a Woman by Caitlin Moran and The Beautiful and the Damned by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Holiday packing tip? Pack your shoes. Put half of them back in your wardrobe. Bitter experience has show that I bring at least twice as many shoes than is humanly possible to wear on a trip.

What will you be drinking? Campari and tonic. Campari and freshly squeezed orange juice. Gin on the rocks.

What always comes with you? My iPod, a beaten up brown leather holdall that my parents brought back from Morocco.

Hand luggage or hold? Hold – I’m a prolific packer.

When do you feel you need a holiday the most? After fashion weeks and often, strangely, when I’ve just returned from a holiday.

What smells remind you of being on holiday? Adnams beer and fresh crab reminds me of family summers in Walberswick, Suffolk.

Do you keep your phone switched on? Emails off, phone switched on for emergencies.

Do you wear jewellery on holiday? Definitely. I think some serious statement jewellery is the secret to a minimal wardrobe. If you keep the clothes to a tight muted palette of caramel, navy, white, you can go crazy with neon or chunky gold necklaces.

Who is your favourite holiday companion? My boyfriend (soon to be husband!)

I dream of wearing… Head to toe s/s 2011 Jil Sander, a Christopher Kane fluoro cocktail dress for the evening, and an Alexander McQueen feathered ball gown.

Alexander McQueen ss/11

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