Facing Uncertainty: Portraits from Africa by John Kenny


23-09-2011 | In : What's the sp?

3 Bedfordshire Gallery Covent Garden, is housing an outstanding exhibition of the photographic work from one man’s travels through some of Africa’s most remote communities. Photographer John Kenny began his tour through Africa in 2006, journeying through areas suffering from severe drought and famine. Equipped with his 10×8 format Chamonix camera, he took large format portraits of individuals from the Samburu, Turkanan and Rendille peoples. The strength of their cultural traditions shines in Kenny’s work, reminding us that global cultural diversity is still intact, despite the threat of climate change. Below are some snapshots from the exhibition.

Facing Uncertainty: Photographic portraits from Kenya is at 3 Bedfordbury gallery, Covent Garden, London from 21 September until 2 October, www.capitalculture.eu




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